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Ideal for storing and transporting your fire gear.

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LXFB20 Deluxe Step In Gear bag
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LXFB20 Deluxe Step In Gear bag
* The largest "true" step-in bag on the market
* Large enough to hold all of your gear in the main compartment
* Added compartments for jumpsuit or change of clothes
* Front pockets for flashlight, radio, and clip board
* Reflective striping for added visibility
* Made of heavy-duty water resistant nylon
* Strong padded shoulder strap
* Reinforced bottom to prevent abrasion
* All logos are embroidered, not screen printed
* Dimensions: 26" x 18" x 24"
* Colors Available: Red

ID Item 1 only 2 to 5 6 or more Availability
FD-5752 LXFB20 Step In gear bag $65.00 $63.00 $60.00 Item usually ships in 1 to 3 days

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