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Highly visible Sign's identifying each emergency vehicle. Signs can be placed in windshields and/or side windows. Call 610-584-4996 for quotation and additional information.

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School Bus #\
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Light Up SCHOOL BUS NUMBER sign. Ideal placement in the front or side window of a school bus. (Sign goes on inside of window and adheres with 2 pieces of double sided tape (included). This sign is highly visible both day and night. Other signs only show during the day. This one lights ups and is HIGHLY HIGHLY VISIBLE in the darkness of early morning and late afternoon. Runs on bus's 12 volt system. Easy installed.

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Complete with switch for off- on - flash. Sign measures 4" high x 24" wide.
This sign utilizes new flat light technology. Flat, cool to to the touch light. Available in red, white, yellow, green, blue, etc. Note: Yellow lights up as a highly visible day glo color. Very attention getting. Also consider using your school color. 
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