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Clocks / Pen Set Award
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Awards with a purpose are viewed over and over on a daily basis. Clocks and desk sets with a firefighting theme.
HW35 (Picture reference A) Wall Clock Frame; Walnut frame surrounding
maroon or black velvet, quartz clock, and bronze tone fireman head.
Measures 13" x 23 1/2" Price includes engraving.

HP53 (Picture reference B) Pen Set; Solid walnut pen set, with engraved
black brass plate. Quartz clock, pen and firefighter figure. Measures

HW34 (Picture reference C) Wall Clock Plaque; Solid walnut board. Maltese
Cross clock quartz clock and The Bravest casting. Measures 18" x 12"
price includes engraving)

HW33 (Picture reference D) Wall Clock Framed: Walnut frame surrounding
black velvet, Maltese quartz clock, black brass plate with red
flame effect. Measures 12" x 15".

HW36 (Picture reference E). Wall Clock Plaque; Solid walnut board, Maltese
Cross quartz clock. Measures 18" x 12".

P972 (Second Picture B) Clock and Pen Desk Set. Quartz Clock w/lifetime
guarantee. Measures 8" x 4" x 6".
Price includes engraving.

ID Item Availability
FD-4105 P972 Clock and pen set $90.00 Item usually ships in 1 to 3 days
FD-2106 HW36 Wall Clock Plaque $90.00 Item usually ships in 4 to 7 days
FD-2105 HW33 Wall Clock Frame w/ engraving $104.00 Item usually ships in 4 to 7 days
FD-2104 HW34 Wall Clock Plaque w/engraving $154.00 Item usually ships in 4 to 7 days
FD-2103 HP53 Pen Set $96.00 Item usually ships in 4 to 7 days
FD-2034 HW35 Wall Clock Frame w/ engraving $144.00 Item usually ships in 4 to 7 days

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