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Glove Keeper I

Velcro holders have a tendency to get filled with lint and debris, not allowing them to stick together and securely hold your gloves. Being made of nylon, Velcro may melt quickly when exposed to heat, and if the Velcro strap were to get caught on or brush against something, it may pop open unexpectedly releasing your gloves.

The Glove Keeper's many benefits resolve all the frustrations Firefighter's have expressed with Velcro holders. Quickly place any size Firefighter's or rescue gloves through the loop and cinch it tight. You will never lose your gloves, and will even have room in the holder to hang your Nomex hood. The Glove Keeper has a split ring that attaches to any D-Ring on your gear, and an extremely durable utility clip is included for those styles of turnout gear where D-Rings are not included. A small safety ring will break apart at approximately 65 lbs. of pressure to ensure your safety while in a structure, and the Glove Keeper is rated to 421 degrees Fahrenheit so that it will take the heat.

Glovekeeper II

Golfire's Glove Keeper II wraps around any size gloves. The male/female connector clips together with ease and then is cinched tight with the d-ring. To release the gloves, simply pinch the connector! The d-ring can be used to hang other objects such as flashlights.

Bail Out Kit, Tagline Kits

See Details on the Bail Out Kit and Tag Line Kits. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Drag U Safe Strap Kit and Drag U Safe Pro Kit

See Details on the Drag U Safe Strap and Drag U Safe Professional Kit. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Escape/Work Belt - As low as: $77.00

The Baldwinsville Escape Work Belt is made from Climb-Spec Nylon Webbing. This two inch wide webbing is doubled to provide maximum strength. A heavy duty auto locking swivel hook and O-ring meets and exceeds ANSI Z-359.1 & CSA Z 259.1 specifications. The O-ring provides an attachment for your carabineer in case of emergency escape. Included are two V-rings and two unique auto locking hooks for attachment of tools for use as a work belt. Pull Test Results: 50.33 KN = 11,314 lbs.

Simulated Smoke Mask Insert

Unlike any other Black Out Cover on the market, Golfire has taken the concept of training without smoke and fire to a new and safer level. The Simulated Smoke Training Insert is made of a porous foam that inserts into any style SCBA Face Mask without impeding the seal of your mask. The porous foam limits your vision just like being in a smoke filled room. The product is package together in three simulated grades; light smoke/vision slightly impaired, medium smoke/outlines only seen, and heavy smoke/ vision almost completely blocked. You will now be able to drill in a safe but real life atmosphere.

Halax Strap - As low as: $36.25

The Halax Strap was developed by Golfire, Inc. to be unlike any other strap on the market. Incorporated in the system is heavy duty seatbelt and tubular webbing. The Halax strap can be quickly taken on and off when needed. The adjustable strap can be worn over the shoulder or tightened to be hand carried at thigh level.

RIT/FAST/RIC Identity Bands - As low as: $29.00

11" x 6"

Our new RIT/FAST/RIC Identity Bands are made of 6.8oz Nomex with 3M 2" reflective letters and Triple Trim. They attach using a Nomex elastic strap with snaps for easy on and off. The Identity Bands are made to withstand heat and abuse!

Also available: SAFETY OFFICER, MANPOWER, OPS, HAZMAT, MEDICAL, STAGING, EMT or choose your own!

Firefighter Escape Systems

See Details on the Firefighter Escape Survival Hook & Escape System. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Glove Strap, Glove Pouch, Drag U Safe Kits,

See Details on the Glove Strap and Rubber Glove Pouch. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Web Packs, Partner Tether and SCBA Frame Escape - As low as: $18.00

Water Rescue Bag, Rope Bags, Roof Bags

See Details on the Water Rescue Throw Bag, Rope Bags and Roof Bags. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Mask (Face Piece) Bags and Mask Strap - As low as: $16.99

See Details on Bags to store Mask Face Pieces. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Radio Clips, Jackets, Cases and Straps

See Details on Mask Clips, Radio Cases and Radio Straps. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Firefighter Work / Escape Belts

See Details on Work Belts, Escape belts and tool holders. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Tool Straps and Hauling Straps

See Details on Tool Straps and Hauling Straps. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Hose Straps, PW Can Carriers, Door Wedges/Hooks

See Details on Hose Straps, Pressurized Water Can Carriers, and Door Wedges. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Helmet Strap, Leatherman Knife case, Pliers Case,

See Details on Helmet strap, Leatherman Case and Pliers Case. Click on picture to see full page item details and product pictures.

Leather Helmet Front Key Chain - As low as: $16.00

The new Key Chain Shields are made in the exact style and tradition as Golfire's Standard Leather Helmet Shields.

Leather portion - not counting metal ring - measures 2.5" wide x 3" high.

Three layers of 100% leather are sewn together for long lasting durability. There are three colors of leather available; red, black, and white. Panel and letter colors are unlimited. Up to three leather numbers can be sewn in-between the panels.

Specify by email to Sta # and colors.
These are very nice high quality key chains. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.
Production time is approximately 3 weeks.

Goggle Pack

Golfire's Goggle Shed is made of Nomex and is pleated to fit to the contour of your helmet keeping it low profile. It easily adheres to the helmet and will remain there during operations. The Goggle shed is light weight and will fit any helmet! Included is a strip of 3M reflective adding to your visibility on the fire ground. One size fits all!

Ladder Boot - Skull Saver

Golfire's Ladder Boot (Skull saver) is made of 1000 Denier Cordura! The front panel is highly visible and lined with high density foam to help prevent injury. It attaches with two 2" straps that have male and female connectors for easy on and off. Provided the boot has been exposed to light the white portion of Keep Back will glow in the dark. Multiple sizes and colors are available.

Available Sizes:

8" deep x 4" wide x 22" high. Med
8" deep x 9" wide x 24" high. Large
8" deep x 11" wide x 26" high. XLarge
8" deep x 14" wide x 29" high. XXXLarge

These are also available with KEEP BACK on the horizontal as compared to the vertical. Customer must specify by email or phone if they want the horizontal model. (Same Price)

Helmet Shields - Leather or Gold Florentine - As low as: $10.50

Golfire Shields are made from three layers of 100% Leather. Panels are made from engineered grade vinyl for long life! Each shield is hot glued and stitched to last a lifetime! Also available with Gold Florentine.

All shields include metal backer bars!

Last Chance Belt -3 sizes

Golfires Duty Last Chance Belt is made of 1 3/4 6000 lb Nylon webbing with life rated sewn in V-ring and pressure adjuster. This product is sold strictly as a duty belt and should not be used for repelling unless you are in an emergency last chance situation where egress is needed. Three sizes available - Up to 43", Up to 50", and up to 58"

Partner Security Tether

Kevlar tether with two carabineers comes complete in a Nomex bag for storage and easy deployment. Ends are load bearing to 4000 lbs. Available in 10', 15', 20' and 25'

Drag Rescue Harness

Drag Rescue harness - available with Bag and Biner


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Leather Helmet Front Key Chain
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