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Fire Truck Panel - As low as: $180.00

Visulite ID panels enhance vehicle ID where traditional reflective materials may not be visible.
Our ID panels increase the vehicles safety factor during night time operations when lighting is most needed.When responding to a multiple department incident, the Visulite ID panel allows the on scene incident commander to quickly identify each approaching apparatus for proper staging and deployment. The Visulite ID panels also work as traditional identification during day time operations in most applications. Sign measures 4" x 24". Runs on 12 volt vehicle battery.

Visulite ID panels may be installed on interior windshields, side glass, and rear windows. They simply adhere to the interior glass. Thus avoiding any costly and timely installation concerns.

Specify on comments page exactly what you want the sign to say, color of letters/#'s. and where you want the power supply line to attach to sign - top or bottom. (correct location makes installation more professional looking).

Each purchaser assumes responsibility of placing sign in a location so as not to impede visibility while driving. Placement on visor is alternative location.
Available in the following colors: Blue, red, Yellow, Green or Orange. All are available with or without a white shadow around each letter.

Police Panel - As low as: $180.00

Ideal for unmarked Police cars. Identify your vehicle as POLICE at the flip of a switch.

Student Driver - As low as: $190.00

Light Up STUDENT DRIVER sign. Ideal for any new driver. This sign is highly visible both day and night. Other signs only show during the day. This one lights ups and is HIGHLY HIGHLY VISIBLE at night. Sign fits inside the back window. Runs on cars 12 volt system.

School Bus #\ - As low as: $175.00

Light Up SCHOOL BUS NUMBER sign. Ideal placement in the front or side window of a school bus. (Sign goes on inside of window and adheres with 2 pieces of double sided tape (included). This sign is highly visible both day and night. Other signs only show during the day. This one lights ups and is HIGHLY HIGHLY VISIBLE in the darkness of early morning and late afternoon. Runs on bus's 12 volt system. Easy installed.

Blank - add your own message - As low as: $165.00

This is the sign you have been looking for. Highly visible day and incredibly visible at night. Ideal for getting your message out to the public. Print your message on your home printer on window cling material )available at any office supply store). This provides a multitude of uses for your sign. Change it any time you want. Show your support of political candidates, advertise your business, celebrate holidays. Your overlay on this flat light sign can say anything you want. Also see on this site preprinted licensed professional sports teams. Change your sign from season to season showing your support of the local football, baseball, basketball, hockey team etc. Also available with NCAA teams - or print your own for local high school teams, etc.


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