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LED Traffic Arrows - As low as: $39.00

LED Moving Chevron Traffic Arrows
Each arrow has 9 LEDs
Easily rolls or folds for storage
•18.25 ±0.25 x 33.75 ±0.25 inches
•36 Yellow LEDs (Brightness: 4000~5000 mcd per LED)
•Uses 2 (two) AA Batteries
•On, Off Button Activates Chasing Arrows
•Illumination Time: 48 Hours at a Diminishing Light Output Rate

All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.
•Uses 2 (two) AA Batteries
•Maintenance Free, Easy Installation
•Low Power Consumption, High Intensity
•Solid-State, High Shock/Vibration Resistant
•36 Yellow LEDs (LED's Brightness: 4000~5000 cd)
•Can be Attached to Metal Surfaces (has 8 magnets)
•Illumination Time: 48 Hours at a Diminishing Light Output Rate
•Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-22°F to ~+104°F [~-30°C to ~+40°C]

•Provides Direction to a Location
•Delivery Service Loading/Unloading Warning Light
•Road Detour Traffic Director
•Roadside Emergency Traffic Director

Note - The black background does cost a few dollars more. Prices as shown on the site are correct.


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LED Traffic Arrows
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