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5591, 5596, 5598, 5599 Plush Santa Suit - As low as: $19.69

Deluxe Plush suit with rich faux fur trim. Outfit includes hat, upgraded wig & beard set, jacket with zipper front and belt loops,pants with pockets, belt and boot tops. Size (42-48), 50-56, 58-62, 64-70

NOTE- the wig and whisker set in this outfit is an upgrade from the mfg. suggested set. This set has a full over the head strap on the wig set. The basic set has ear loops to hold the wig in place. The upgrade is a better higher quality set and stays secure on the wearer's head.

5555 and 5556 Red Plush Santa Suit (42-48) (50-56) - As low as: $38.50

Deluxe Red plush. Thick white fox-fur. Zippered 3/4 length coat, front opening. Includes partially lined jacket, pants, hat with pom pom, boot tops, belt and gloves. DOES NOT INCLUDE WIG & BEARD SET (Sold separately)

5691 and 5696 Crimson Santa Suit (40-48) and 50-58 - As low as: $38.50

5691 Crimson Santa Suit (40-48. 5696 Crimson Santa 50-58
Deep red crimson Seal plush. Thick white fox-fur. Zipper front closure. Includes jacket, pants, hat, boot tops, belt. DOES NOT INCLUDE WIG & BEARD SET. (Sold separately)

2353/7091,96,98,99 Deluxe Burgundy Velvet Santa - As low as: $74.38

2353-7091, 7096, 7098, 7099 Velvet Santa Suit - Burgundy color.
Upholstery-type spot and crush resistant cotton-rayon velveteen.
Fine imitation rabbit type fur. Includes jacket, pants, hat,boot cover,
and 4”brass buckle belt with grommets. DOES NOT INCLUDE
WIG & BEARD SET (Sold Separately)
Large- 7091 Size 42-48
XLarge - 7096 Size 50-56
XXLarge - 7098 Size 58-62
XXXLarge - 7099 Size 64-70

7591 - 7596 Deluxe Red Velvet Santa Suit - As low as: $57.75

7591, 7596 - Velvet Santa Suit - RED color.
Made from regal, red velvet and accented with luxurious white long hair plush trim.
Includes partially lined zippered jacket, pants with side pockets, hat,boot cover,
and 4”brass buckle belt with grommets and gloves.

7591 Large 42-48
7596 XLarge 50-56

9191 - 9199 Professional Plush Santa Suit - As low as: $74.38

9191, 9196, 9198, 9199 Professional Plush Santa Suit - Sizes L.XL, 2X, 3X
Bright Red plush suit trimmed with long fur and completely satin lined. Includes: Zipper coat with inside pocket & belt loops, pants with side pockets, hat with large pom-pom. Naugahyde boot tops, with long-hair plush cuffs, Naugahyde belt with eyelets, gilt buckle with prong and loop. White nylon stretch gloves.

9591,96,98 Majestic Santa Suit (Sizes L, XL, XXL) - As low as: $74.38

9591, 9596, 9598
Majestic Santa Claus Suit - Luxury Professional Style - Made of luxurious thick burgundy plush with luxurious white long hair trim. Completely satin lined with inside coat pocket. Includes: zipper coat with belt loops, pants with side pockets, hat, Naugahyde bound belt with large cast buckle, Naugahyde boot tops with long hair plush cuff and white nylon gloves.
Size L - 42-58 jacket up to 52" waist;
Size XL - 50-56 jacket up to 56": waist and
Size XXL - 58-62 jacket up to 58" waist. NOTE- WIG AND WHISKER SET NOT INCLUDED - SOLD SEPARATELY.

77551 Victorian Santa - One Size Fits All - As low as: $105.00

77551 Victorian Santa - One Size Fits All
Santa Suit Adult Costume - Velvet Cape and Caplet with Long Hair Border and Trimmed in Gold. Partially Satin Lined. Short Sleeve Green Satin Tunic Trimmed in Gold with Gold Colored Rope Belt. One size fits most Adults (42-50).

908, 912, 916 Child Size Plush Santa - As low as: $60.38

Child's Size Plush Santa - Deluxe red pile plush with deluxe white pile plush trim.

Three sizes 6-8, 10-12, 14-16

2304 Synthetic Santa Beard & Wig Set - As low as: $16.00

Made with synthetic fibers giving a bright white appearance.

2303 Teviron Santa Beard & Wig Set - As low as: $35.00

100% teviron washable and reusable. beard has wired mustache and double elastic straps. Wig has one size fits all stretch base.

35 Deluxe Curly Santa Set - As low as: $38.50

Deluxe Santa Curly Wig and Whisker Set

5 Santa Wig & Beard Set - As low as: $19.69

Polypropylene Wig & Bead Set

H132 Super Dlx Santa Wig N Beard Set - As low as: $73.00

Super Santa Wig N Whisker Set. Larger and Fuller than the other offerings. Ideal for use with mid to higher priced Santa outfits. Washable; Beard is hand tied with an adjustable wire mustache.

H60-W Top of the Line Wig n Whisker - As low as: $74.38

H-60-W Wig N Whisker

If your looking for the best Santa Wig N whisker - this is the one you want.

Natural color
* Synthetic fiber
* Fully washable
* Individually boxed

26600 Adult Elf Outfit - As low as: $29.00

Adult Elf outfit. Consists of hat, tunic style dress and belt cord. Picture shows female model, but outfit is used by male or female. Tights not included.
One size only - fits most adults. (Up to about a woman's dress size 10 or 11).

1100 Elf Tunic - - As low as: $49.88

Adult - Elf Tunic
A one -piece tunic made of green velour. Trimmed in brighht reed felt. Includes hat with bell and vinyl belt with slide buckle. One size fits most adults

1101 Velvet Elf - As low as: $79.63

Green Velvet Elf - Adult - One size fits most
Made of beautiful Forest Green Velvet. This is a one piece tunic trimmed in 1" gold rick rack. Includes elf hat trimmed in gold rick-rack and braided gold rope belt.

7054 Miss Santa - As low as: $123.38

7054 Miss Santa - Velvet Dress with LONG SLEEVES; Trimmed with white Wilderness fur; Outfit includes hat with pom, dress, and belt.

7051 Deluxe Mrs. Santa - As low as: $171.50

Deluxe Mrs Santa - Made of exquisite burgundy velvet with luxurious white long hair plush trim. Zipper in back. Dress includes satin apron with lace trim and a mop style hat with lace trim.

Available in 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-24.

427 Rectangular Santa Glasses - As low as: $3.75

Square Santa Glasses. (Open frames - no lens)

335W White Stretch Gloves - As low as: $6.50

Stretch Nylon White Santa Gloves. One size fits most.

18157 Spirit Gum & Remover - As low as: $5.00

.25 Fl. oz. Spirit Gum and .5 fl. oz remover. in convenient reusable bottles. Product used to adhere eyebrows to forehead.

426 Round Santa Glasses - As low as: $3.75

2384 Santa Boot Tops - As low as: $20.00

Deluxe Santa Boot Tops with White plush cuffs. One Size fits most.

Full Santa Boots (not boot tops) - As low as: $60.00

Actual Santa Boots - not boot tops
Made of black quality polyurethane with zipper and wide flares with white long hair cuff to match our suits. These are actual boots - not boot tops.

Size 10-11 (#949L-M) SOLD OUT FOR XMAS 2016
Size 12-13 (#949L-L)
Size 14 (#949L-XL)

26511 Santa Belt -(Three sizes) - As low as: $16.00

Super Deluxe Santa Belt - 4" Wide - with gold colored buckle and grommets.
Available in three sizes. 38" to 48", 54" to 61.5", 67.5-79"

Measurements are based on center of buckle to first and last grommets holes.

9949 Deluxe Santa Belt - As low as: $28.88

Deluxe Santa belt. (2 sizes)
Black Naugahyde Santa belt with elaborate large cast buckle with prong. Six gilt eyelets and belt loop included. Belt is 3 3/4" wide. Bright heavy duty gold buckle measures 6.5" high by 5" wide.

Regular size 48" to 56"
Extra Large 56" to 64"

26509 Santa Belly - As low as: $20.56

26509 Santa Belly - One Size fits all. Realistic padding for underneath your Santa jacket.

26504 Velvet Santa Bag - As low as: $17.00

26504 Velvet Santa Bag - With Bells - Bag measures 30" x 36".

22020 Royale Santa Hat - As low as: $4.00

Red Fluff with White Pile Tuft fold over cuff.

2309 Eyebrows - As low as: $8.00

Deluxe Santa Eyebrows. Made of 100% Teviron and built into a net foundation. Requires spirit gum (sold separately) to apply.


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