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IAFF decals and magnets - As low as: $2.40

IAFF REFLECTIVE 2"and 4" decals and 4" car magnets

Reflective Helmet Rockers / Crescents - As low as: $7.00

Helmet Rockers - Reflective Silver Background w/ your choice of title. All colors available.

Helmet Fronts - reflective - As low as: $3.75

Stock or Custom reflective helmet fronts. These measure 4" wide x 2 7/8" high.

Only a few titles are shown. Basic titles such as Chief, Asst Chief, Captain, etc. are available.

Maltese Cross Stickers - As low as: $3.15

High quality Maltese cross on reflective, non-reflective or Gold Leaf material.

Customize at no additional cost. FD comes out - Your sta. # goes in. NOTE - 2 PC MINIMUM FOR CROSSES WITH STATION # IN CENTER.

Adheres to helmets, vehicles, any smooth surface

American Flag - Reflective sticker - As low as: $1.00

Reflective US flag sticker. Flag measures 1 3/4" x 3". Pressure sensitive backing.
Reflects light (such as car headlights, etc.)

American Flag Reflective Tet. Helmet Decal Set - As low as: $8.00

NEW - Set of 8 pieces includes 3 Blue & White Stars and 5 Red and White Stripes. Reflective. (not glow)

EMS Star of Life Stickers - As low as: $2.00

Reflective/photo luminescent pressure sensitive material providing the highest level of nighttime visibility. Available in 2 3/4", 4" and 8" size
Due to a change in company ownership the Glo Flex line is now marketed as Cyflect.

Bright - Lime Yellow Rectangle Stickers - As low as: $0.60

Bright - Lime Yellow Rectangle Stickers

Pressure Sensitive - Each measures 1" x 4". These are not part of the Glo Flex / Cyalume product line. These do not glo in the dark. Minimum order 6 pieces.

Bright - Lime Yellow Tetrahedron Stickers - As low as: $0.60

Bright - Lime Yellow Tetrahedron Stickers.

Sold by the piece - minimum order 6 pieces. Pressure Sensitive - high visible - day or night. Each sticker measures 2" across bottom x 1" across top x 2" high.
Note - these are not part of the Glo Flex - Cyalume product line. They are very bright and highly reflective - but do not glow in the dark.

2" American Flag Numbers - As low as: $2.00

Reflective 2" numbers showing the stars and stripes; pressure sensitive

PA Fire Police Decals - As low as: $4.25

PA Fire Police logo decals - as shown on the image. Assorted sizes - see offering. Inches shown is the vertical measurement.


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