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additions include the following:

2/15/16 - IAFF logo decals and magnets are now available. Look in the Fire Products store under stickers and magnets

7/8/13 - Two new significant product lines have been added.

The Duo-Safety full line of Ladders and Pike Poles has been added. Duo Safety has been the leading manufacture of fire ground ladders for many years. Most items are on or will be on the web site at in the Fire Products Store. Due to the nature of the product a custom shipping quote will be necessary. Call for a quote - 610-584-4996.

The Husky line of portable water tanks is now available. All Husky items are available. Only a few are showing at this time on the web site. Call for quotation on any product. Due to the nature of the item a custom shipping quote will be necessary.

4/15/15 Rope storage bags have been added to the Fire Products Store. These are intended for storage of longer lengths as compared to shorter escape bag lengths. (The Escape bags with rope (and without) will be added soon from 343 Fire as well as Golfire.) The entire line of 343 Fire and Golfire are available - many items not shown on the web site.

1/19/13 We are now personalizing the back of the child fire fighter coats.
Add your name or your departments name to the back of the coat. These are heat transferred applique letters. Once applied the coat should be air dried rather than using a clothes dryer.

1/5/13 Just listed in time for the upcoming wildfire season is the Collapsible Smokechaser Indian Tank. This is part of the Forestry Suppliers full line of wildland fire fighting products. Most items are not listed. Email for more information on any wildfire related item - including apparel.

9/3/12 The full line of Tele-Lite portable lights, PPV fans, electric smoke ejectors, Smoke generators and generators are now available. Not all items are on the web site yet. Call for pricing on any of the Tele-Lite products.

7/12/12 The popular line of TEMPO fire gloves has been added to the product line. Look for these in the Fire Products Store. All leather with 100% wool liners.

4/24/12 - has been awarded a dealership for American Trade Mark's line of Accountability Tags, Boards and all associated products.
The line of products will be added to the Accountability Systems section of the Fire Products Store. The items will be listed with pricing as soon as possible. In the mean time feel free to call 610-584-4996 (or email for pricing. will continue to carry My-Lor product line as well.

4/2/12 - The full line of sports apparel from A4 is now part of the family. Uniforms and general sports clothing from just about any sport is now available. The A4 catalog can be seen at this link or by going to the Apparel button on the home page and clicking till you see the A4 button. FDFriendly can print or embroider your apparel. Call 610-584-4996 for quotation on anything you see on the A4 web site.

2/15/12 - New HI Vizibility Gloves for Traffic Control. 3 styles to choose from - see them in the Fire Products Store - ANSI apparel section.

2/10/12 - New in the Salvage Cover section of the Fire Products Store are 6' x 8' 12 oz canvas fireplace protectors. These are ideal for protecting the homeowners flooring in front of the fireplace while removing ashes during a chimney fire event.

2/8/12 - is now an affiliate store for Black Helmet Apparel. The link to this fine line of eye catching, contemporary apparel is found in the Fire Product Store. Click on the Black Helmet logo link and go direct to the Black Helmet web site. The prices, sales, and deals are all the same as if you typed in their web address. It costs you nothing and helps FDFriendly with a small commission. This is our reward for directing you to their site to make your purchase. All shipping and billing is done directly through them. Other affiliate stores on the com web site are Galls,, Our Design, Chiefs Supply and many more. Remember it costs you nothing to go to those sites through

1/22 - New in the Fire Products store are the 2" high - Reflective #'s in black, white (silver), red and lime yellow. Designed for fire helmets these can be used for any purpose requiring reflective numbers that can be seen at night. Boats, cats, trucks, trailers, mailboxes, etc. Letters are also available , but are custom ordered.

1/17/12 - The New ANSI Plus 2 Parka is now on the site in the Fire Products Store. This garment has many new features and replaces the former ANSI Plus Parka.

1/8/12 - The new ANSI 3 Insulated jumpsuit - Rated to -50 degrees F is now listed in the Fire Products Store - under the ANSI apparel section. Get one now before you find yourself in the street freezing during a winter storm event.

11/23/11 FDFriendly has become a dealer for an additional full line of LED lights - dash, deck, lightbars, speakers, sirens etc. These will be added to the Lights and Siren Store as soon as possible. Pricing on these items is very very attractive. Until we can get all these new items listed please call 610-584-4996 and ask about the type of unit you are interested in.

11/19/11 A new flag designed to honor our Veterans has been added to the Flag Store of the web site. You will find it in the Military Flags section of the Flag Store.

11/11/11 The New Lakeland ANSI Plus 2 Parka has been added to the Reflective Apparel section of the Fire Products Store. Literally 2 jackets in 1. Take a look at this new ANSI 3 Parka.

10/28 FDFriendly has became a dealer for ATI Fire Hose. Armoured Textiles Incorporated hose is available in several styles and in numerous styles. The hose is located (will be shortly) in the Fire Products Store. Information and quotation is available at 610-584-4996. ATI warranty on fire hose is the best in the industry at 10 years. (This pertains to defect in materials and construction. It is not applicable to abuse and external damage.

10/28 - FDFriendly has expanded its payment method to include as a credit card processing company. Prior to this it was necessary to use the Paypal system. This new addition allows military, government and others who were not allowed by company policy to use Paypal.
Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express are accepted by the system. Call 610-584-4996 with any questions.

7/25 New to the line is the 5 point breakaway Incident Command Vest. Title is on the back in silver reflective letters. Find this item in the vest section of the Fire Products Store.

7/7 Collapsible Traffic Cones. This item has been updated to meet the NFPA requirement for 5 cones per fire truck. This now comes as a 5 pc pack. Each cone now has LED lights in the base for illumination as well as a light at the top. The five cones come in a vinyl storage bag. The collapsible feature makes this a small compact means of carrying 5 cones on a vehicle in your very valuable compartment space. Also ideal for fire police personal cars and EMS units. Item is found in the Fire Products Store.

5/1 - A new item has been added to the A frame barricades. This is a clear pressure sensitive stick to go on one side of a rail. Decal reads in 4" high letters ROAD CLOSED. Anyone who has spent time directing traffic using barricades understands the public doesn't "get it". This addition to the barricade lets the public know this road is closed. No more excuses for driving around them. This item is found in the Fire Products Store - A frame barricade section.

3/28 - A new easy to use way to get to all the traffic control and fire police related items is to click on the lime yellow button added to the Fire Products Store. The title on the button is Fire Police and Traffic Control Items. It will show you a list of items or product categories of interest to those buyers.

3/14/2011 - Boston Leather Firefighter Products are now listed in the Fire Products Store. Radio holders, straps, Truckman belts and uniform belts are just a few of the high quality products from this quality Made In USA supplier. If you don't see what you are looking for visit the company web site at and then call 610-584-4996 for pricing.

3/1/2011 - Lakeland KOOL Tees - Lime Yellow on sale for 2011. These are great for the hot summer months. Meets ANSI Class 3.

2/22 - All Black Mourning Fans are now a stocked item. In the Fire Products Store - Go to Mourning Fan and Buntings. You will see them there.

1/14/11 New Pennsylvania State Fire Police Winter Knit Cap. Black knit beanie / watch cap with the state seal and FIRE POLICE embroidered on it. Purchase with the summer ball cap and save 10%. FDFriendly can embroider or screen any of your apparel. Call for details. Find this item in the Fire Products Store.

1/12/11 - In the Lights and Siren Store - New Dual LED Hide A Way kits have been added. Single color or dual colors available in these kits which include a controller.

1/4/11 - A Link to Galls has been added. If you can't find what your looking for at why not check out Gall's wide listing of quality products. You will find this link on the home page under "Affiliate Stores" as well as on the Fire Products page toward the bottom.

11/6/10 - A Frame barricades have just been added to the Fire products Store. Ideal for use in temporary road closures.

9/22/10 - A new EASY TO USE product listing has been added to the left hand side of the web site. This lists the products available by item or category in alphabetical order. Scroll down to locate your products. This lists products from all the stores in the family. Don't forget the shipping is calculated on a descending percentage based on total order volume. Percentage breaks occur at $10.01,$25.01, $50.01, $100.01, $250.01, $500.01 and $1000.01. For example if you order totals $32.00 it may make sense to purchase another item which would put you over the $50.01 level. The shipping charge in terms of percentage will be less.

8/25/10 - The new Custom Printed and Embroidered Apparel Store. With over 40 major brand apparel manufacturers to choose from - such as Ultra Club, Adidas, Champion, Gildan, Hanes, Izod and Jerzees - now offers tees, sweats, casual and dress shirts, hats, etc. Any of these can be screen printed or embroidered with your art work. Our artists are ready to assist you if you need help in taking your idea from concept to finished product. Our new arrangement with these manufacturers enable us to provide you with high quality product at very reasonable prices. Your business, fire department, church, ball team, etc. can now get the your logo, name, etc on the nicest garments available.
Firefighters - don't forget - Check the GAME Sportswear job shirts button.

8/6/10 Headlight and Taillight Flashers - Just added to the Lights and Siren Store. This product is driven by your make and model vehicle. There is a link to click to see which products are compatible with your vehicle. If the style you need is not shown on the site email to have it listed.

8/5/10 NEW - For the Ladies - Pink Gear bags and Pink Small EMT bags.
Gears bags are in the Fire Products Store and the EMT bags are in EMT Store.

8/1/10 New Bronze Extinguisher Award added to the Awards Store.

6/22 The Lights and Siren Store is being added to the home page of the web site. Items are being added as time permits. Many of these are currently in the Lights and Siren portion of the Fire Products Store. The complete product lines of Axitech, Sound Off Signal, Alert Lighting and Supreme Safety are available. If you don't see what you are looking for please call 610-584-4996 for more information.

6/10 - GAME job shirts are now available through These popular job shirts can be personalized with your name, your dept logo, etc. The entire line of GAME apparel including ANSI reflective apparel is available. Only a few items are listed at this time - Call 610-584-4996 for more information.

6/10 We have just added pink reflective tet helmet stickers to our line of helmet stickers. These are available as solid pink and also as 1/2 pink 1/2 grey/white. These are found in the Fire Products store under the helmet sticker area. Soon to come for the ladies will be pink gear bags.

4/26 - On the right hand side of the home page you will find new and/or popular items. We have added links to the site for NFL, MLB, NCAA and Nascar products. Click on the logo to get to the site then use the search bar to enter your team or driver's name. gets a small commission on each sale. This costs you nothing extra and helps offset the extensive advertising expenses incurred in search engine advertising. appreciates your support.

4/23 - IFSTA Manuals are now available through the FDFriendly Amazon Store. Click on the IFSTA Manuals button found in the Fire Products Store.
Products purchased in this store are shipped and billed by Amazon and not through receives a small commission on this type of sale. This does not cost you anything extra.

4/15 - is now carrying the Carson line of siren drivers, speakers and switches. These will be found in the Fire Products Store - under the lights and sirens section.
Not all items are listed yet. Don't see what you want - please call 610-584-4996.

3/24 - 2" High US Flag helmet numbers. These reflective numbers are ideal for your helmet The top 1/3 is stars and the bottom 2/3 is red and white stripes. This can be found in the Fire Products Store under Helmet Stickers.

3/1 - Flex Safe - Flexible - Collapsible Barricades - designed for rapid set up for road closures, pedestrian control, crime scene control, etc. Fits in most SUV's, fire truck compartments, police vehicles. Ideal for use in the early stages of an event. Bright, colorful, reflective - easy to see. Signs and carry bag available. This can be found in the Fire Products Store.

FDFriendly has added to its line of mourning buntings, fans, etc. The new addition is light bar covers. These are custom made to fit over the light bar(s)on the funeral procession truck(s). These are custom made to measurements submitted by the customer. These are not stocked and are not available for immediate shipment. These will be located in the FIRE PRODUCTS and EMS FRIENDLY STORE on the home page. They are located in the Mourning Bunting, Fans, etc. category.

The complete line of Sound Off Signals has been added. This line includes a wide variety of LED, Halogen and Strobe lights. These lights are offered as grille lights, surface lights, dash lights, visor lights, mini light bars and full light bars. This new offering is in addition to the Lightning X Product line. These products can be located in the FIRE PRODUCTS STORE or the EMS STORE under the Dash and Emergency Light section. Not all items are listed at this time. Call 610-584-4996 or email to get information and pricing on items offered by these companies but not yet posted on the web site.

Recently added to the Junkin Safety line is the category of products used by those involved in the Funeral and Cemetery Business. The Junkin product line can be found in the FIRE PRODUCTS STORE or the EMS Store.
Not all items are listed at this time.

New Product
Public Safety Breakaway Vests - Lakeland
Public Safety vests- Ansi 207-2006 Compliant
Leather Helmet Front Key Chain
New - Helmet Front Key Chain
Flex-Safe Barricade
New - Portable Fast Set Up Barricade. Ideal FOR Emergency responders
Plastic Rails w/ Reflective sheeting
New - A frame barricades Ideal for temporary road closures
Antique Restored Brass Fire Extinguishers
Antique Restored Fire Extinguisher
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